Becoming a member

Interested in joining Studentproof Jazz and becoming a member? We have several options!

General membership (€20/year)

With a general membership, you are part of our community, and you can use any advantages of our network! This way, it becomes easy to find fellow musicians. Also, we keep you updated of our activities and other interesting events.

  • Part of community (Whatsapp group, Facebook group, Email list)
  • Updates of our and other interesting events (a.o. via email newsletters)
  • Participating with improvisation group sessions
  • First few times rehearsing

Band membership (€90/year)

A band membership obviously includes the general membership, but has a lot more to offer. Studentproof has a lot of material and instruments to offer, as well as rehearsal space. This includes personal practice, but also band practices. Also, we offer guidance to your band, on a financial level, but also regarding arranging performances/gigs.

  • Furnished rehearsal rooms (several sizes)
  • Material & instruments for practice as well as gigs (general backline, i.e. drums, bass/guitar amps, digital keyboard, PA, and more)
  • Maintenance and repair of material
  • Guidance of your band (financial, as well as arranging gigs!)

We are only able to make you a member if you are a student: this includes all levels, including PhD students, and is not only limited to Eindhoven. Unfortunately, you are not able to become a member if you are not a student. However, obviously you can stay connected to our association in many ways!

Do you have any more questions about becoming a member? Send an email to