Aeris Brass Band

Aeris Brass band is a high energy brass band, playing New Orleans style covers of pop music. With their whirling jazz solos and engaging rhythms, they know how to make the audience dance and make the evening a party!

This band knows how to make a party out of nothing, if it’s in the streets, in a pub or even in your backyard!

Band members:

  • Huub van Rijn – tenor saxophone
  • Lex Dreuning – baritone saxophone
  • Jérôme Simons – alto saxophone
  • Ties Beekman – trumpet
  • Niels de Vries – trumpet
  • Lars van Ruremonde – trumpet
  • Ben van Lier – trombone
  • Max Hoskam – trombone
  • Rob Keijsers – sousaphone
  • Teun van Roosmalen – drums
  • Melvyn Williams – percussion
  • Jord van Nederveen – percussion

More info, check their website and Facebook, and Instagram!

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